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RiLee Photography is the convergence of two photographers that share the same passion for delivering stunning digital and film images to clients worldwide.
A compelling powerhouse of talent which is in equal balance for perfect measure.

Simple, beautiful photography.


Trevor Lee

Ohio native, Trev Lee dropped out of college and enrolled himself in Hallmark Institute of Photography within six months of getting his first camera. What began as a means of self-expression became a passion and a craft when his love for adventure drew him west to Yosemite National Park in 2013. It was there his particular interest in analog photography developed and flourished.  The delayed gratification and lack of instant feedback that comes with shooting film, not only honed Trev's skills but taught him to trust his abilities.

During his time in the valley, Trev used his photography as a means to get to know people and encourage others to get outside their comfort zones and explore. Beyond its vocational purpose, Trev ultimately sees photography as a way to connect with others, experience new places, and tell a story.

Trev's work has been recognized and published by Sunset Magazine, Outside.com, Travel + Leisure, and BBC Travel, and he has worked with REI, Visit Montana, & Tenaya Lodge. 


Trevor Lee

Damian Riley
Is a Yosemite National Park Native (American) Miwok, who's love and passion for the outdoors and adventure has been a constant through his entire life. 

Creative photography drives him forward and onward to locations all over the world capturing photos, video and a good story.  With thousands of hiking miles under his feet and a passport that has a current odometer of 37 countries, there are many places still left to be explored but fewer than he would like.

His techniques and methodologies to capture stunning photography are unique and unorthodox. Taking an approach to photography from the standpoint of progression rather than chasing shots. A firm beliver in letting the subtle beauty of a photo unfold naturally.

Applying techniques honed from street, fashion and journalistic photography, the work, passion and effort show through his attention to detail and bringing the viewer into the moment through a photo.

Accolades include:
Photos featured in:

New York Times
Visit California
Sony Alpha
Sony Images
Yosemite Tourism
B.A.N.G. (Bay Area News Group)
San Fransisco Chronicle
Numerous Yosemite Travel Publications Internationally
Official photographer for Envision Music Festival 2016
Official photographer for Joshua Tree Music Festival 2016-2017

Photo Ambassador:
Mpowerd - LuciLights
The Nomadik