A + J Yosemite Wedding

When we get a message about a wedding that has a emphasis on "not your average", we usually say "YES" before we even hear the rest of it... When this awesome couple contacted, they wanted a Yosemite wedding that had a heavy emphasis on natural elements and spirituality. Needless to say, we were intrigued and the ceremony and day was more than we could ever expect!

Starting out the day at the historic Ahwahnee / Majestic Hotel in Yosemite Valley the couple split directions to get prepared for the big day. The ever iconic El Capitan lingered in the background as a silent sentinel to oversee the proceedings.

As the ceremony progressed with invocations of natural elements and the bonding of family and friends, we captured each moment.

With just enough daylight to get photos at a few more locations in Yosemite Valley, we jumped into the cars and carefully calculated the time and light to get some truly stunning Yosemite wedding photos.

They also opted for the film package, they will be receiving prints taken with a circa 1950's Leica 35mm camera along with the digital scans... And those film photos are absolutely stunning!

All images copyright Rilee Photography : Trevor Lee and Damian Riley

Amanda and Jacob opted for the film package... We captured beautiful 35mm film photos with a 1957 Leica M3 35mm with Tri-x 400iso film. These are the digital scans.. The original film prints are of course delivered... And this subtle beauty of film could never be replicated.