E + K Yosemite Wedding

It's always exciting and fun for us to capture a wedding of an adventurous bride and groom who happen to appreciate and enjoy rock climbing as much as we do! With the perfect mix of traditional wedding and Yosemite adventure, this wedding day was truly something special to capture. And a wedding bouquet of rock climbing cams might be a first! You saw it here ;)

The morning started in the classic Yosemite tent cabins, family and friends wanted that Yosemite feeling to get the big day off to a great start. The ceremony took place beneath the backdrop of El Capitan and as the bride and groom took their places, it seemed as though the entire Yosemite Valley became their own private monolithic cathedral.

This couple are both avid rock climbers, the logical next stop was some iconic photos near El Capitan. As photos were being taken, we all watched countless groups of rock climbers as they ascended up the massive granite face of the mountain. The fall colors of the valley before sunset provided the most amazing golden brown hue.

Keeping an eye on the clock we perfectly managed the available light of the evening to get another set of photos at Tunnel View for that classic Yosemite vista, before we made our way back down to the valley just in time to capture the setting red glow on Half Dome in the meadows below.

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